Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lovenoise Entertainment in Social Media

Lovenoise is an entertainment group in Nashville that has brought several live music performances and shows. They "engage" in social media through Hootesuite, Twitter, and Facebook. I have had the opportunity to work with them for  a couple of events. I believe Hootesuite is great for businesses it allows you the option to set up posts for the week on Facebook and Twitter. Hootesuite is a marketing tool, that works for the business.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Professional Organizations use Youtube

Social media is the new age conversational marketing. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and  other social media brands allows communication with customers of business to business professionals to respond about problems or concerns. Youtube is also an important tool in social media because it often shows the "how-to" videos. Youtube is also one of the largest websites in the world.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quality on Twitter

Quality on Twitter is way more important. People that have conversations about business, social media, fashion, and positive quotes enlighten me. My top favorite professional tweeps are@ MelissaOnline, @NashvilleFashionEvents, @Designtwit,@Ohthatsgracie,@ Excel Cleaning Services. I only tweet a tenth of the people I follow. I try to have more quality tweets that help with event planning and positivity. I currently have 164 followers , only 11 of them are MTSU students. Engaging on twitter is important, Lyn Hoyt said" At least 4 times a day you want to tweet and tweet other people" LYN IS RIGHT!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twitter for the Newbies

Well, I have to say I was not quite sure of the hype about Twitter. I actually hated Twitter at first because I felt exposed by sharing my personal thoughts. Twitter not only becomes easier and a little more simple to use, but it is a huge benefit to businesses. Majority of influential businesses have a twitter page. Here are a list of a few actions to help you take over the Twitter world!

1. Create a name and a bio that draws traffic, People want to know what interests you and how you relate to them
2. Tweet about things that brand you and that other people may find interesting.
3. Twitter Etiquette 101 follow people that follow you
4. Make sure you engage in conversation with followers to keep them following you

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tips for engagement and networking

"Engagement" is where social media communication allows you to be honest about what your brand represents. Engagement in social media is different than interpersonal communication because its building relationships based what  you stand for. In order to effectively engage in social media here are a few steps.

1. Don't be a pre-packaged, social media allows you to give our own personal human perspective
2. Keep it real, have authentic messages that gain people to follow your brand
3. What you say is important, sometimes you may have to change for message to suit our audience's needs  and desires

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Group vs. Fan Page on Facebook

Group and Fan pages are different on Facebook. Fan pages allows everyone to be able to view and post comments. Group pages allows you to give out bulk messages for people that are in the group. I discovered a chart on www.searchenginejournal.com, this shows more of the comparisons and contrasts. Fan page usually build longer relationships; whereas,  group pages attract quick attention.

Mark Zuckerburg's concept "Social Graph"

The social graph is where you make connections between people, this is how facebook derived. The social graph draws an edge between people, places, and things and how the interact online. This concept is the foundation for other social networks as well, such as Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter allows followers to find people with  similar interests and topics to dicuss; whereas, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard allows you to pin and share things you find on the web.